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MP3-0122 - MAROON - 100% Cotton Plastisol Ink (by Monarch Color)

Image of MP3-0122 - MAROON - 100% Cotton Plastisol Ink (by Monarch Color)

MP3-0122 - MAROON - 100% Cotton Plastisol Ink (by Monarch Color)

Product Name: MAROON
Product ID: MP3-0122
Ideal Garment: 100% Cotton Garments
Pantone Match:

Monarch Plastisol Ink has the highest opacity, creamiest texture, and lowest cure point than any other Plastisol Product on the market today. Our ink is specially formulated to print smooth, one stroke coverage on either Manual or Automatic Screen Presses and we're confident that our products will deliver exceptional results print after print.

Poly/Cotton Ink is the perfect "flex" ink for any project or basic inventory. Its superior printablility and one-stroke coverage will speed up your production and simplify the color separation process. Right from the container you will notice the creamy, whipped cream like texture with little to no mixing required and its specially formulated low-cure point (270 degrees F) will ensure that your ink wont bleed - and your poly wont scorch.

Available in Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon, and 55 Gallon Drum sizes we have the right quantity for any need, and can get your ink to you within one week of your order being placed - or sooner!

Sink Industries is an Authorized Dealer of Monarch Color Corporation Plastisol Ink, and is the Premiere retailer of this product on the West Coast and Southern California. We also offer custom Pantone Matched Gallons, drop-off and rush delivery options, as well as sample Pints for our local So-Cal screen printers - If interested, please Email us for more details!